Interested in joining the Friedman Laboratory?
Biology is home to a diverse set of faculty and students with wide ranging research interests, providing an exciting and interactive academic environment for integrative research training in evolutionary biology.
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Graduate Program

We have openings for undergraduate students to join the lab. If you are interested in evolution, ecological genetics or plant sciences, and are a dedicated student and highly motivated, please contact me at to discuss your research interests.
Graduate Students
We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students with interests in plant evolution. More detailed information about the graduate program and the admissions process can be found here. Queen’s Biology has a very strong group of people interested in ecology, evolution, and genetics/genomics. Current graduate student stipends are ~$24,000/yr, with full benefits. Applications to Queen’s Biology graduate program are due by February. Applicants are strongly encouraged to get in touch with me before formally applying.
Postdoctoral Researchers
I am always interested in hearing from prospective post-docs. If you are interested in our research, and would like to talk about post-doc opportunities, please get in touch with me!